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The idea of the game was simple -- you're playing 21 in a casino and the dealer is trying to maximise profits by lying to you about what your hand is.

I had some issues and didn't get that far.

What I do have, however, is a virtual version of blackjack where the game lies to you about your score (it tells you a number that is within 3 of the actual value of your hand).


Obviously I'd intended on having a dealer that you're playing against (with multiple difficulties and some kind of story progression/character interaction). I also wanted to include a local multiplayer with up to 4 people and modifiers that made the game even more confusing.

Regardless, I wanted to upload what I managed to do in the time limit because I'm happy I managed to actually achieve SOMETHING within the time limit.

This has been a very informative lesson on the importance of time management; which I will remember next time around ;)

Install instructions

Just run the exe file after extracting the zipped files.


Build.zip 20 MB

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